Our Models this Season

As I’m certain all designers do, I have a thing about the women and men who model Shosh. Although 18 year olds are adorable and look luscious in everything, my preference is to work with women who are a bit older, who have fully fledged lives, who have navigated relationships, who can take care of themselves and who bring something rich and alluring to the clothing from their own natures, opinions, range of emotions and a particular point of view about themselves so that they fill the canvass. 

The notion that models are often taught to disappear doesn’t do justice to their function nor their capacities. They are integral to the gestalt of inhabiting the clothing. 


I am honored that Chenoah, who modelled our first few collections, agreed after a few years, to return and to effect our  Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Chenoah is an artist with a huge persona, a loving humor, she designs jewelry, she has worked in the production design department on films, she has a love of nature that reminds me of some kind of gorgeous large bird like oracle, she works on her interior as well as those of others. She is an emotional sponge and is fully aware of her power to affect other people. 

And then there is Alex, with baked-in charisma, this extraordinary yoga teacher moves us all with her boundless intellectual curiosity only exceeded by her enthusiasm for a good book, a fabulous oversize pair of pants, rich friendships, her wonderful students and her seething, swarming life. 


I love these two women. When I drape their depths in Shosh, the clothing breathes and talks to us emotionally.

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